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Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


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  1. Beverliy dit :

    Here is truth about global wnimrag:Global wnimrag is one-half of the climatic cycle of wnimrag and cooling.The earth’s mean temperature cycles around the freezing point of water.This is a completely natural phenomenon which has been going on since there has been water on this planet. It is driven by the sun.Our planet is currently emerging from a mini ice age’, so isbecoming warmer and may return to the point at which Greenland is again usable as farmland (as it has been in recorded history).As the polar ice caps decrease, the amount of fresh water mixing with oceanic water will slow and perhaps stop the thermohaline cycle (the oceanic heat conveyor’ which, among other things, keeps the U.S. east coast warm).When this cycle slows/stops, the planet will cool again and begin to enter another ice age. Thermohaline cycle:Warm water is less dense than cold water. One of the ocean currents runs North up the east coast of the U.S.When this warm ocean water reaches the arctic ocean, it is cooled which makes it become more dense. The now dense salt water drops to the sea floor and begins its return to thesouthern loop of its cycle.Fresh water from meltoff of the northern ice pack dilutes this sea water which makes it less dense.The diluted, less dense water drops to the sea floor more slowly which slows the entire cycle.If diluted enough, this circulation stops entirely.When the circulation stops, then the planet will begin to cool and enter an ice age which will stop the meltoff.As the salinity in the north Atlantic increases, the water will once again begin to sink to the sea floor and the cycle will restart and our planet will emerge from its ice age and enter another warm period.That is happening now. It will change.It’s been happening for millions of years.The worrisome and brutal predictions of drastic climate effects are based on computer models, NOT CLIMATE HISTORY. As you probably know, computer models are not the most reliable of sources, especially when used to predict’ chaotic systems such as weather.Global wnimrag/cooling, AKA climate change’:Humans did not cause it.Humans cannot stop it.

  2. Najah dit :

    Whoever wrote the above promo should get smart and learn to do hwooemrk. Children of the Hunt completed filming before The Hunger Games was even written..!

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