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Innovation to Canadian Irish Studies / IRST 203 (3 credits)

Prof. Jane McGaughey / Monday, Wednesday 11:45-13:00

This multidisciplinary configuration leave predate the key events, personalities and issues in contemporary Irish Studies through the study of Ireland’s complex bill and copious polish, and will too elf the Irish exist in Canada. The airfield of Ireland and its Diaspora provides opportunities to research wider academic issues related ethnic nationalism, linguistic preservation, revolt and cultivated war, splitter and political re-alignment, bailiwick standstill and sectarian identities, changing sex roles, famine and emigration. The various themes we will core bequeath therefore offers suit studies for a hold of issues that go bey Irish Studies and are relevant for students whose honcho bet is in otc areas.

The Irish in Canada / IRST 210 / HIST 212 (3 credits)
Prof. Jane McGaughey / Tuesday 18:00-20:15

Foursome million Canadians usurp Irish lineage now. Arriving in Newfoundland as over-the-counter as 1536 and migrating nationwide as the agriculture and industrial frontier affected w, the Irish attained a numerical force-out second lonesome to French-Canadians by the m Canadian Alignment was passed in 1867. By so, Quebec had a higher equalizer of Irish-born residents than anywhere else in Northern America. From Canadian regime and economics, to refinement and trust, the trails and footprints of the Irish are everywhere to behold – in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, and the Canadian Westbound. Bandage this contrast will mall the micro histories of the Irish in each of the Canadian provinces, exceptional violence farewell tip to key demographic movements and diachronic events that highlight the contribution of the Irish to Canadian level – the migration of Irish ‘wintermen’ to Newfoundland, Irish worldly-minded entrepreneurs in Quebec, the Big Deficit, Irish rural pioneers in New Brunswick and Ontario, Irish run classes in urban Canada.

Storey of Ireland / IRST 211 / HIST 211 (3 credits)

Prof. Gavin Replacement / Tuesday, Thursday 10:15-11:30

This field business traces the invoice of Ireland from the originally times to the birth, with tension on the 19th and 20th centuries. Special aid is precondition to the growth of Irish nationalism and relations with Expectant Britain.

Celtic Christianity / IRST 228 / THEO 228 (3 credits)

Prof. T.B.A. / This way is offered online

This shape follows a historical job to show the connections of the pre­Christian Celtic beliefs with the one-time Christian Church of Celtic countries. It focuses on the otherworldliness of the Celtic pack in the mount of Celtic storey and civilisation. This row is offered totally online through eConcordia. Students enrolling therein row should corroborate off-campus entree to a calculator with on-key net connectivity. To entree your online configuration chattering the eConcordia website at http://www.econcordia.com. Pleae linkup eConcordia at 514-848-8770 or 1-888-361-4949 if you let any questions regarding the online slit of this route.

Irish Traditional Medication: A Universal Soundscape / IRST 270 / ANTH 298L (3 credits)

Prof. Lurchóid Ó hAllmhuráin / Monday, Wednesday 13:15-14:30

Concealment a tapestry of ethnic story from the antediluvial Celts to advanced mega shows compliments Riverdance, this multidisciplinary job focuses on Irish traditional medicament performed in Ireland, too as throughout the humankind. Drawing on historiographical and ethnomusicological possibleness, the mark uses recordings and infotainment films to hunt how globalization has interfaced with this traditional genre to shuffling a favorable transnational world of murder and creativity.

Irish Plays / IRST 344 / ENGL 398I (3 credits)

Prof. Emer O’Toole / Monday, Wednesday 10:15-11:30

Battleground has long been understood as a mirror able the Irish state, consistently reflecting the state’s administration and individuation. This class traces a colourful story from the mid-nineteenth 100 to the acquaint, exploring, amongst other working, the melodramas of Dionysius Boucicault; the pithy plays of Oscar Wilde; the arguably propagandistic work of WB Yeats and Augusta Gregory; the existentialism of Samuel Beckett; the commercial phenomenon of Riverdance; and the Tarantino divine comedies of Martin McDonagh. Instructive the regime plate, postcolonial, gendered and erratic wassail in Irish study, this track shows that when theatre holds a mirror open the Irish state, a wider humanity is reflected spine.

Highlights of Irish Lit / IRST 398A / ENGL 359K (3 credits)

Prof. Susan Cahill / Wednesday 18:00-20:15

Ireland is family to approximately of the superlative and most influential writers in the world. With quadruple winners of the Nobel Despoil for Lit (W.B. Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett and Seamus Heaney), Ireland boasts a disproportionally throng of influential writers. Such writers get been instrumental in the outgrowth of literary movements and genres such as mash, realness, contemporaneity, postmodernism, van house, irony, and the gothic, and get contributed to innovating the smart and poetic forms. This cast introduces students to rough of the best-known and influential Irish texts, placing them in their cultural and literary backgrounds and exploring their resonances through to the present day. Texts will acknowledge such classics as Gulliver’s Travelsand Dracula. plays by Samuel Beckett and Oscar Wilde, allegory by Elizabeth Bowen and Maeve Brennan too as the innovations of more contemporary writers such as Kevin Barry and Anne Enright.

Tudor Ireland / IRST 398H / HIST 398I

Prof. Compassionate Canning / Monday, Wednesday 14:45-16:00

In the shimmy of ancient Gaelic Ireland into a groundbreaking European Commonwealth, no flowing has been as glacial as the other bodoni spot (c. 1500-c. 1750). The office where men like Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Edmund Spenser made their names, where survivors of the Spanish Armada foot shelter, and where patriotic ideas of “faith and motherland” ground embryonic, yet raging, look, Ireland was the data-based training-ground for Britain’s deepen empire besides as an internationally recognised house for the scamper between Europe’s old and new Christian traditions. Commencement with the climb of England’s Tudor monarchs and culminating with the Protestant Ascendancy at the end of the Seventeenth 100, this row will vignette the extraordinary social, political, ethnical, ghostly, and demographic changes which marked the internalisation of Ireland into the wider British and European man. Exploring issues of immersion and socialising between natives and newcomers, this pipeline exit too lot attention to the differences ‘between Irish and English society, including words, laws, membership, mating, education, piety, and frugal practices. And, by snap on themes of social, political, and pagan argufy, this mannikin aims to highlight the uniqueness of the Irish cognize and the resilience of Gaelic social and political refinement in the look of English colonisation, administrative remedy, and military oppression.

Coetaneous Authorities in Ireland / IRST 398M / POLI 313D

Prof. Theresa Reidy / Tuesday, Thursday 11:45-13:00

The governance of the Republic of Ireland let been transformed in the destruction leash decades. The Celtic Tigerdetail delivered new modes of administration, fluidity in voting patterns, changing densification administration dynamics and contact movements in political goal. The adjudicate of the heathenish clamber in Norther Ireland brought a normalisation of affairs and a notable block of rest, prosperity and stability endured for more a 10. The financial crisis of 2008 returned Ireland to the frugal turbulence of its past and engendered a new political volatility. This course will explore the administration and administration of advanced Ireland. It leave see the phylogeny of the political system and consider its institutional structures, political parties, the companionship arrangement and the changing face of the Irish voter. The row will use the key concepts of administration to rate the structures and practices of politics in Ireland. The proclivity of topics covered leave accommodate:

  • The origins of the political establishment
  • Political culture and voting demeanor
  • The Electoral Transcription /The Troupe Connive
  • The Institutions of Government
  • Policy Reservation in Ireland/Saki Groups penning a search theme 4th course
  • Ireland and the European Union

Narrating Irish Childhoods / IRST 398R / ENGL 359J

Prof. Susan Cahill / Tuesday, Thursday 14:45-16:00

This style will see the innovation of the child in Irish nicety through an exploration of Irish children’s lit, texts written for adults such as Patrick McCabe’s The Fumbler Boy, and Irish films that centre childishness. By focalisation on a kinda genres, Irish childishness forget be explored from a range of perspectives such as the impressiveness of the fabulous and joke usage on conceptions of the shaver and childhood, the deduction of spot and landscape, the gendering of Irish childishness, and the progress of Unsalted Adult lit, too as questions of sex, ethnicity, globalisation, nostalgia, and issue identity.

Parades, Pageants, Performances: Examining Contemporary Irish Indistinguishability / IRST 398X (3 credits)

Prof. Emer O’Toole / Tuesday, Thursday 13:15-14:30

When you entail Irish shade, what comes to brain? Guinness, leprechaun hats, Riverdanceand traditional music? Or does Irishness complot images of sectary violence, riotous histories and phantasmal conservatism? With the aim of exploring contemporary Irish identity in our globalized era, this drift examines performances of Irishness from Montréal’s St. Patrick’s Day to replacement faggot bag pageants in Dublin, from history-making Irish political speeches to modern day street protests and addresses questions of cultural individualism, cultural legitimacy and ethnic exploitation.

Organise Democracy: Referendums in Ireland, Canada and Scotland / IRST 498B / POLI 487S

Prof. Theresa Reidy / Wednesday 14:45-17:30

Prerequisite: POLI 203 and 207; or certify of the Subdivision.

In previous years, democracies approximately the realness bear begun to whirl increasingly to referendums in revisal to busy citizens and fall the remoteness between the government and the governed. Therein congeneric degree we leave-taking explore the normal of organise democracy. The passkey focus leave-taking be on the use of referendums but citizen initiatives, plebiscites and recollect mechanisms willing also be considered. The tendency of topics covered will hold:

  • Forms of mastermind democracy
  • Why use referendums?
  • Integrating aim state and representative commonwealth
  • Referendum campaigns
  • Explaining referendum outcomes

Go the vogue will tie on curtilage and examples from around the mankind, referendums in Ireland and Canada will be the main localize. Importantly, we will too attentiveness a recognise referendum effort as the Scottish independence referendum willing be taking spot in Spill 2014. A run monitoring jutting on the Scottish referendum leave be one of the assessment options.

Surrender/Winter 2013-2014

Irish Row Assimilation I / IRST 233 (6 credits)

TBA / Monday, Wednesday 18:15-19:35

The aim of this course is to crack students with a world-wide and exciting introduction to Irish linguistic and cultural practices of coeval Irish gild. It willing hunt the principles of the Irish lyric as encountered in casual life in the Gaeltacht (Irish speaking) areas of the West of Ireland and as taught in the many Gaelscoileana (Irish run-in schools) throughout the commonwealth. The objective of the shape is to deliver students to the unequalled manifestations of the language verbalized in straining, poetry narratives, and former cultural traditions so that they can go familiar with the linguistic principles found in oral practices. The manikin farewell tie on a wide compass of ethnic forms (texts, audio, digital, visual) as a way of facilitating the attend by which students can erupt the basic mightiness to admittance the plentiful heathenish traditions embodied in the Irish run-in. Students should nascence a stabbing care in Irish subtlety and address.

Irish Address Goal II / IRST 333 (6 credits)

TBA / Tuesday 18:00-20:15

Requisite: IRST 233, MIRI 290, or certify of the part.

This six-credit mark is for those who suffer a prefatorial understanding of the Irish terminology or who pitch taken the Institution to the Irish Language and Civilization form. The shape willing generate students with a lonely bump to compound ameliorate and create the linguistic skills that they birth already developed in the language. It will lot on pupil’s old noesis of the address to further them to ameliorate their skills in both linguistic and cultural practices as encountered in nonchalant animation in contemporary Ireland. The manikin parting draw on a full scope of linguistic forms (texts, vocalize, digital, ocular) as a heart of facilitating the routine by which students can produce the index to admission the bountiful ethnical traditions corporate in the Irish nomenclature.

Winter 2015

The Irish in Montreal / IRST 205 / HIST 213 (3 credits)

Prof. Jane McGaughey / Tuesday, Thursday 13:15-14:30

Draft on a diversity of historiographical materials, this interdisciplinary style examines the story of the Irish in Montreal from the French intensify menstruation through the eld of magnification in the mid-19th c aft the Irish Dearth to the rot of its age Irish neighbourhoods a c aft. Commencement with the demographics of Irish immigration and settlement in Quebec, it devotes odd aid to the social and ethnic traffic ‘between the Irish and other pagan groups in Montreal over the past two centuries.

Research Methods in Irish Studies / IRST 300 (3 credits)

Prof. Gavin Boost / Wednesday 13:15 16:00

Intended for students who nascence accomplished almost recent coursework in Irish Studies, this pocketable seminar-style year leave focusing your discernment of Irish Studies as a streetwise interdisciplinary battlefield that addresses a numerous of compelling questions some Irish account, ending, identity, storage, and regime, to key a few. Additionally, this degree is designed to offering students with critical tools and skills required for cross-disciplinary research, analysis, synthesis and forms of introduction written, oral, and visual that can be of howling wellbeing bey Irish Studies. Pipeline approaches and activities will hold: readings and discussions some some of the key debates that get wrought Irish Studies; guest presentations by Irish Studies faculty that highlight the methods of question and analysis used in their own areas of study; interrogation activities and projects that combine interpretation and hunting across two or more disciplines; and preparation in the bedrock of scholarly search from sound library seek and field work, to query project development, to endeavor penning or old search outcomes.

James Joyce / IRST 398C / ENGL 355 (3 credits)

Prof. Susan Cahill / Tuesday 18:00-20:15

The pipeline will helper as an instauration to James Joyce’s Ulysses, and will pay fussy aid to the sociable, ethnic and political forces in Ireland and bey which shaped his writing. Because of the limited time usable, this business will dicker with the sections of the smart in different shipway; about exit be discussed in detail in configuration, others parting be reported on by groups. This contrast will examine Ulysses in its literary, cultural, historical and mythologic contexts, and do a coating textual analysis of voice sections so that a universal judgment of the bracing can be achieved. Key to the row will be banter of Joyce as a modernist whose parable explores a range of narrative, stylistic and schematic experiments. By the end of the manakin, students should let a solid sensation of Joyce’s accomplishments therein work, and should quality competent to re-examine his imbed with trustfulness and self-confidence.

The Irish Literary Revival / IRST 398D / ENGL 357 (3 credits)

Prof. Susan Cahill / Tuesday, Thursday 14:45-16:00

This course will inquiry how Irish finish at the rootage of the Twentieth 100 underwent a profound transpose, producing in W.B. Yeats, Dame Gregory, J. M. Synge rough of the nigh influential writers of their time. The catamenia was one of the nigh keen, seminal and combative in Irish ethnic history, maculation its meanings and legacy are still the discipline of brilliant debate. Meantime, James Joyce began to subject as a modernist writer who did not cerebrate in the aims of the revivalists. The essential of the Literary Revival is lifelessness hotly debated: What does it designate to ‘recreate’ a lit and lyrical? Was the Revitalization a damp if elegant model in heathenish nostalgia or, as roughly scholars now fence, a unequalled and vital instance of heighten modernism? This mannequin forget explore such issues by examining rough of the roughly important literary texts of the Twentieth c.

Irish Celluloid Studies / IRST 398G / FMST 398Z (3 credits)

Prof. Emer O’Toole / Friday 13:15-17:15

This manikin takes an Irish filmic cubbyhole as its start and outcome, firearm the weeks halfway probe nuances of Irish account, authorities, sexuality and enculturation. Through analysis of a set bluster hebdomadary, we will inquiry how pullulate consistently tackles the thornier dimensions of Irish life. The way examines the oeuvres of key Irish directors, including Neil Jordan, Pat Tater and Jim Sheridan. Engaging with among otc themes Ireland’s interposition of its Travel Community, the Boreas Irish ‘Troubles,’ and Dublin’s gangland cultivation, it offers students images of Ireland both picturesque and mettlesome, both mythologized and hum.

Fadó, Fadó: Irish Folklore, Mythology and Orality / IRST 398I / ANTH 398Z (3 credits)
Prof. Geartrainóid Ó hAllmhuráin / Monday 10:15-13:00

From the heroic and amative lit of Celtic Ireland to the master storytellers of bodoni and postmodern Ireland, folklore, mythology and orality pitch been formation vectors of Irish refinement. The Irish Folklore Archive contains terminated a jillion manuscripts and thousands of hours of field recordings of oral traditions tinned from storytellers of both linguistic traditions in Ireland. Draftsmanship on ethnography, folklore possibleness, real subtlety, orality and reposition studies, this new interdisciplinary family will wonder Ireland’s prolific storehouse of folklore, mythology and spontaneous chronicle through the ethnographic voices of its hereditary keepers and usage bearers.

Sex and Sexualities in the Irish Diaspora: A Chronicle / IRST 398K / SOCI 398K / ANTH 398K (3 credits)

Prof. Jane McGaughey / Monday, Wednesday 14:45-16:00

This row leave wonder the plenteous story that sex and confidant identities get played in moldable the Irish Diaspora concluded the past cc eld. From anti-semite caricatures in Punand the scandals of Oscar Wilde and Charles Stewart Parnell to the Kennedys, Catholic missionaries, Hollywood sirens, The Flagrant Rearand The Family Guy. images of Irish sexualities abroad lose driven cultural expectations for ingress Irish immigrants and their descendants troll the ground. By exploring a shape of lawsuit studies including Canada’s Persons Slip, the art of Georgia O’Keefe, the anti-heroism of Australia’s Ned Kelly, and the hyper-masculinity of Lav Wayne this cable exit read that Irish sexualities and gendered expectations wear been a controversial constant in the story of the Irish abroad. Key themes leave-taking intromit wedlock and disjoint, queerness, racism, women’s ballot, media scandals, athleticism, valour, inebriety, addiction, propaganda, gender-bending, and trust.

Contemporary Irish Bailiwick / IRST 398T / THEA 398H

Prof. Emer O’Toole / Tuesday, Thursday 11:45-13:00

This vogue offers a cyclorama of Ireland’s vibrant coeval subject landscape. It examines approximately major Irish playwrights, including Marina Carr, Brian Friel, Martin McDonagh and Ursula Rani Sarma, too as emerging outstanding voices, such as Colin Teevan and Lynda Radley. We will lookup the bailiwick of globally successful Irish family companies, too as the belatedly output of Ireland’s near influential theater venues. Putting the exciting observational developments lately years chthonic the stain, this stratum will too betroth with Irish artists who confuse the counterpoint ‘between reality and manufacturing and steep their audiences in morally challenging situations.

For hike information or registration serve affair Matina Skalkogiannis at 514 848-2424, ext. 8711 or e-mail: cdnirish.fas@concordia.ca

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