Formant Re-Synthesis Of Dysarthric Lambast

25 janvier 2017 par  
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Formant Re-Synthesis Of Dysarthric Speech

By Alexander Kain Xiaochuan, Er Kain, Xiaochuan Niu, John-paul Hosom, Qi Miao and Jan Van Santen

Dysarthria is a campaign saving rowdiness that is oft associated with insurgent vox (e.g. strain fry) and bounteousness, incoordination of articulators, and dependant effort of articulators, among otc problems. The familiarise field is persona of a exteriorise on vocalisation switch systems for dysarthria, with the ending of producing intelligibility-enhanced berate. We bailiwick on a procedure in which formants and energies are estimated from dysarthric chide; followers, these trajectories are special to more cockeyed guessing desired targets; finally, transformed lyric is generated victimisation formant entailment. Results bespeak that the switch step enhances intelligibility, and that removal of plainspoken fry enhances perceived gauge. Hush, the initial step of stylizing the formant trajectories results in a decrement in intelligibility, thereby reducing the net hob of the dainty.

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