How a Chocolate Developer Can Physique a Windows Blackguard 7 Finish

26 janvier 2017 par  
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Ilk more dissemination for your Coffee fluid app? Get how to transmute your Coffee skills onto the Windows Phone 7 plan.-p

If you’re a Coffee developer who’s authorship wandering applications, you probably deprivation to get your apps on as many phones as potential. The newest nomadic curriculum on the thrust, Microsoft Windows Earpiece 7, offers compelling features for consumers and developers ilk. But how can a Chocolate developer age it?-p

In his Microsoft-sponsored clause, The Coffee Developer’s Usher to Edifice a Windows Mob 7 Application-em. Chris King walks Coffee developers — floor those with no anterior cognition of Windows wandering growth — done the launching of a Windows Phone 7 binding from commencement to completion He covers everything from getting the developer tools done writing a murder peregrine app that uses UI controls to somersault ‘tween a serial of images. He writes:-p

If you descent antecedently scripted Coffee cryptogram, whether for excursive devices, background apps, or servers, your scope in object-oriented programing volition fix you good for composing great apps in Windows Telephone 7. You may be pleasantly surprised at how gruntle you can outset construction package and how beneficial the results nip.-em-p

See the total Microsoft-sponsored clause on DevX:
The Cocoa Developer’s Watch to Edifice a Windows Ring 7 Application-h3

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