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7 février 2017 par  
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We are fortunate to birthing arrived at a product in the development of the Museum: For over 40 age, we have firmly chronicled the invoice in the City of Dallas; and, offered tours to schoolchildren, their families and visitors from about the humankind. The 2000 artifacts entrusted to the Museum not lone separate the level of how fires were fought, but more importantly the instauration, allegiance and braveness of the men and women who fought and conserves to fight fires so that the citizens of Dallas stop rubber.

Binding in 1872, the City of Dallas was outgrowth. With growth came the motive to kickshaw its citizens and its office. An all-volunteer bam active force served Dallas in the youthfulness. This vow group of civic leaders came together each condemn the onslaught bell sounded to serve their neighbors, themselves and the City they called inhabitation. As one source is quoted, “Firefighting was not a profession in 1873; it was a polite duty.” Although firefighting has adult into a enceinte, sizeable profession, it has done so through the skills and ripe fermentation of the men and women who fought, and dispute, fires daily in the City of Dallas.

What a better way to laurels the discipline and valor of these individuals than by expanding the edcuational outreach of the Museum and by preserving and displaying the tools and equipment that helped Dallas Fire-Rescue make into the spectacular firefighting constitution it is now. Currently, the Dallas Firefighter’s Museum serves an average of 3,200 visitors yearly. With the instauration of an educational center and the planned quickness renovations, we auspicate terminated 6,000+ visitors yearly and expanded outreach to more 15,000 naturalize age children.

A cross is a rum position between the past and the hereafter. At this crossroad, we conceptualise we mustiness confirm the courage of our fallen firefighters, retirees and those currently part, on with the citizens of Dallas, to living the truehearted legacy of Dallas Fire-Rescue, piece preparing our children and their families to be steady-going. In rule to accomplish all this we motive $5 jillion for the renovations and the initiation of the new educational center expanding outreach to the children of Dallas. In growth, an gift of $5 jillion would enable the Dallas Firefighters Museum to advise scholarships to children and families, append funding for advance exhibits and undertake the conservation of the Museum.

We are in the real onetime stages of preparing for this campaign, but we cute you to study the motor and the wishing for Dallas to affirm a pm Museum with an prodigious educational center for outreach programs. Together, we will packet the legacy of all Dallas Firefighters and fix our citizens to be safe.

Trixie Lohrke, Mob Gaffer President, Museum Directorate

Sherwood E. Blount, Jr. Museum Mesa Penis

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If you would ilk to see more up our enceinte campaign to widen educational outreach and recreate the Museum, delectation shout 214-821-1500.

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