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The diplomas are issued at the end of the school year and include: general information about the student, the school, a brief description of the program, the school year the student attended and the knowledge acquired by the student. The state of knowledge is classified by letters, where: the acceleration of technological development at the global level has greatly increased the demand for technical talent, scientists and engineers. Unfortunately, outdated learning methods stopped children`s development a long time ago, focusing on subjects and not on students, on quantity – not on quality, on theory – not on practice, on their mission, which is to observe, discover and promote talents in children, to prepare them for future academic and professional careers. Irregular school curricula, outdated school facilities and traditional teaching methods are the main culprits in blocking today`s children in the past instead of focusing on the future. Our marketing and social media team is responsible for planning and supporting special events such as franchise openings and educational meetings. They develop online editorial content for franchisees and train them on the best way to use social media to support and promote their activities. If FRANCHISEE has fully complied with the terms of this franchise agreement and all other agreements between FRANCHISEE and FRANCHISOR or a related company, franchisor undertakes to provide the following services for the duration of this franchise agreement: We are with you at every stage of the road. All School and School franchisees have access to a marketing service entirely dedicated to their franchise. B. Use of trademarks. In accordance with Section 5, paragraph P, FRANCHISOR, as the representative of the trademark holder, retains the exclusive and exclusive right and power to control by FRANCHISEE the nature and quality of each individual use of trademarks, and FRANCHISEE must comply with and comply with all these requirements or restrictions.

Trademarks can only be used for services provided on the Centre`s website and can only identify products and services designated by FRANCHISOR.

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