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In a tango dance competition, there can only be one winner – the best dancing couple. There are two dancers on the floor, there is a couple, if there are four dancers on the floor, there are two pairs. Therefore, the winning pair is one; Maybe two dancers, but just a couple. The same goes for the team and the group, at least in America. Only one team wins the Super Bowl and the World Series. This is the team that scored the most points at the end of the game. The winning team is on the field and talking to the press. If you want to be plural preaching, write or say a plural theme: dance partners, teammates, group members. Can you help me, please? I can use the word « state » as a collective noum and write verbs in the plural.

When I talk about the state as isntitucion. For example, the state must take care of citizens. Please help me identify the subject and the verb in « Mr. John loves to play basketball. » Would the word men have a singular or a plural verb? Ex: (Does / Do) the three men have reservations. I ask because, although « man » is plural, « one of the men » indicates a singular object that would require the use of a singular verb. A reader from Toronto recently asked me to resolve a debate about the workplace: what is right, « staff are » or « staff are »? Since you have several themes in your sentence, use the plural verb. In addition, many publishers would remove the comma after « life. » In your sentence, the word staff is a collective Nov that acts as a unit. This is why, in American English, it is treated as a single name and uses the singular verb meets. However, in British English, staff would not be considered a forgery. I would like to know from the « group of schools invites » or « invite » for a few occasions.

Our school will have a program, and we are part of two other schools, or rather, it is a group of schools…. What should be used as a verb arrangement? Carmel group of schools invites you or carmel group of schools invite you to a…….. I am a researcher and I want to know the most common errors in the agreement between subjects and verbs, and I would like to have a part of the theoretical and conceptual framework of your book. I will use it as a reference. Technically, since grade 12 acts as a unit in your first movement, use the singular verb. In your second sentence, class members act individually within the unit. Therefore, use the plural verb have. These phrases could however be better expressed than: 1st Class 12 is … 2.

The class expressed differing views on this issue. The sentence you quoted is deliberately intended to illustrate how Rule 14 works. Here too, Rule 14 states: « Sometimes the pronoun, object or object of a verb is in the middle of the sentence.

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