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(E) If you distribute part of the software as a source code, you can only do so under that license by including a full copy of that license in your distribution. If you distribute part of the software under a compilation or object code, you can only do so under a license corresponding to that license. Instead of providing an option to skip the license agreement, the stock game can be supplemented by no version of Eula. The Wix_MinimalNoUla.wxs is a modified version of WixUI_Minimal.wxs as an example. As a Wix UI Amateur, I post it here in case anyone else finds this useful. Over the past 8 years, I have found only one drawback to mutual licensing. Developers sometimes become confused about what the license applies to. Obviously, the source code of the project is covered by the license. But what if binary files created from the source code are used to display another document? Does this document have to be mutually licensed? What happens if libraries created from source code in the project are used by another binary file? Should the new binary file use the mutual license? Questions continue. Everything was good until a few years ago, when the Common Public License 1.0 became obsolete and was replaced by the public license Eclipse. When the WiX tool was transferred to the Outercurve Foundation, the Outercurve Foundation recommended updating the license. A « contributor » is anyone who distributes their contribution under this license. It`s getting ugly here.

We can easily replace the default license by changing the WixLicenseRtf WiX variable as follows: where the license is the name.rtf of your EULA license file. The downside of this method is that you can only have a license file, which means there is no location for them. That`s why we have to find a way around the problems. The license is verified for a LicenseAgreement dialog box name. What we need to do is replace this dialog box and insert the location feature. The WixUI dialogue library contains standard bitmaps for the context of the home and closing dialogues as well as the top banner of the other dialog boxes. You can replace these bitmaps with their own product brand purposes. To replace standard bitmaps, specify WiX variable values with the file names of your bitmaps, just like when replacing the default license text. That`s why the license changed.

And remember, I`m not a lawyer. If you want a professional opinion on all these things, ask your lawyer.

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